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We are a production studio that helps companies unlock business value via blockchain based technology. With four years of experience from developing on public blockchains, we enable you to find the perfect fit of distributed ledger technology for your organisation. We are experts in Ethereum and Hyperledger and can deliver projects quickly on any private or permissioned blockchain.

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What We Do


Consulting & Strategy

Our core business consulting is framed around peer-to-peer models. In present age, blockchain technology is the torch bearer for trustless computing in peer-to-peer models. We help you achieve your business goals by identifying the right blockchain solution for you.

At present we serve the following industries:

  • Supply Chain
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Medicine

With our team of experts spanning around the globe and rich experience, we will help you build and implement end-to-end solutions centered around blockchain technology base.


Blockchain & Smart Contract Technology

We build and integrate blockchain and smart contract technology for organizations and SMEs who seek to disrupt by leveraging blockchain technology. Our critical emphasis is on building smart contract functionality for varied industrial applications.

We offer solutions for:

  • Banking and Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Revenue and Land record keeping
  • KYC/ID Solutions

Our expertise in Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric and other allied technologies will help you add new dimension to your business.


Research & Development

In order to have a strong background in consulting, we believe that in house research and development is a must and is a priority. We just do not want to limit ourselves to consulting, rather we want to take part in innovation.

Our R&D efforts are into the following areas:

  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Blockchain Governance
  • Cryptography & Protocols
  • Industry adaptation
  • Academic related (Internships)

Apart from the above mentioned areas we want to extend our R&D towards education in blockchain related technologies.

Case studies


Warehouse Receipt Financing

Warehouse Receipt Financing is a type of financing provided by banks for farmers by pledging the farm produce without actually selling the commodity at the time of harvest. The present system can be exploited with counterfeit receipts against the same stock in which a warehouse receipt has already been obtained. The blockchain solution helps avoid this issue of double spending.


Crop Insurance

When a drought or flood happens, as a policy, the government issues crop insurance claims on district basis but not on village basis. To mitigate this issue we propose a blockchain based crop insurance solution tailored towards agricultural fields/villages.Using this solution, insurance subscription is issued on field basis. When a drought or flood happens, the smart contracts automatically reimburse the insurance claim.


Cattle Contract

A 'Cattle Contract' helps farmers to buy cattle using bonds issued via smart contract technology. This allows the farmer to borrow money at a low rate, while giving lenders access to the agriculture sector and derive returns from milk production. This opens up the untapped markets and create new opportunities for dairy farmers in rural India.


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About Us

S Chain Labs wishes to be a pioneer in the Indian blockchain landscape. Having served the blockchain based crypto tokens marketplace in India and garnered exceptional track record, we've decided to focus our efforts to build on blockchain based products, services and consulting.

S Chain Labs is backed by S Capital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and is based out of Hyderabad. As the first blockchain production studio in India, we want to explore and solve problems by using blockchain based technology where conventional solutions does not fit. Armed with vast experience in blockchain and cryptos, at S Chain Labs our mission is to bring blockchain to the masses.

It is evident that blockchain technology is revolutionising the way we deal with transactions. We at S Chain Labs want to be a part of this revolution.

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